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Hi! My name is Maddy and traveling is important to me.

I was born at Charleston Air Force Base in Charleston, South Carolina. Moving from South Carolina to Texas, Washington, and Florida all before preschool, I guess you can say I was born with the travel bug. I have spent the majority of my life working and traveling as a professional dancer, model, actress, and fitness professional. I remember my first overseas gig ever. Three months after graduating from high school, I was in Tokyo, Japan backup dancing for Ashanti. My career has offered me the privilege of seeing some amazing places and I wouldn't trade those experiences for anything in the world.


For a while there, it was too good to be true. Fast forward 15 years, I found myself ONLY being able to travel at the mercy of others, while NOT being able to travel if these so called "others" didn't hire me. Let's face it, they call us "starving artists" for a reason. If you think living check to check is hard, imagine living gig to gig. At least with a traditional job, you know when the money is coming and how much that check will be. As a dancer, I never knew when I would get another audition, or if I would even get hired when the audition came.


 I decided I wanted to see what the world had to offer on my own terms. I decided spending 11 years away from my family for "work" wasn't worth it. I decided it was time to create some real life memories, and I'm not talking about the once a year holiday dinner, I am talking about true peak life experiences. Sooo, I retired from my Los Angeles entertainment career in 2016 so that I could travel the world and I haven't looked back since. (Well, I was kind of forced out because I fractured my spine, but leaving on my own free will sounds better haha.) I found the best travel community I could have ever asked for, took 8 vacations in 2016 alone, have met so many beautiful souls along the away, and am just getting started. Click my pins below for photo albums! Welcome to my journey!



I would love to hear about your travel tips and adventures, or even your travel dreams and bucket list! CONTACT ME, I promise I won't bite!

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